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3 Advantages of Immediate Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Woman covering breastReceiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and the decisions that follow are anything but easy. If you’ve decided to pursue reconstructive surgery following your mastectomy, you may not be sure whether it’s best performed immediately or if postponing it is a better option. Here’ s a look at some of the advantages of having reconstruction right away as part of your mastectomy.

1. Shorter Recovery Time

By combining your mastectomy and breast reconstruction into one procedure, you’ll experience less recovery time by having both your cancer and the aesthetics of your breasts addressed concurrently. Dealing with breast cancer and the ensuing reconstruction can be a psychologically draining process, and many patients find that the shorter recovery time is much easier on them physically and emotionally.

Additionally, a a recent study suggests that immediate breast reconstruction has a very low risk of complications, including those relating to radiation therapy, and shouldn’t cause any unexpected delays in cancer treatment following surgery.

2. Decreased Costs

When you combine procedures, you cut down the amount of procedure-related costs by having one anesthesiologist, one hospital stay, and so on. Like the shortened recovery period, helping to ease the financial burden can decrease your overall stress level during what is typically an already overwhelming time.

3. Better Aesthetic Results

Aesthetically speaking, immediate reconstruction allows for a much better end result than when the reconstruction is performed separately after the mastectomy. Although not all of my patients are good candidates for immediate reconstruction, it’s my preference to suggest a combined approach whenever I feel that doing wo will deliver the best outcome for my patient.