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3 Benefits of Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be a personal and emotional experience for any woman. When choosing when to plan for breast reconstruction, patients should be made fully aware of their options and what each approach entails. These days, many women prefer immediate breast reconstruction rather than delayed reconstruction. While there are distinct benefits to either option, here are some of the advantages to immediate reconstruction:

1. Better Cosmetic Results

The cosmetic results of breast reconstruction can be affected by the amount of tissue preserved by the mastectomy and whether the nipple was spared. By electing to have immediate breast reconstruction, I can work with your mastectomy with a focus on preserving as much natural tissue as possible in a way that complements your implant reconstruction.

2. Fewer Surgeries Overall

Immediate reconstruction starts at the same time as your mastectomy, as I usually insert a tissue expander following removal of the cancerous tissue. In this way, immediate reconstruction consolidates multiple procedures, potentially resulting in fewer overall surgeries over the course of your breast reconstruction process. Fewer surgeries also means fewer individual recovery periods and a more comfortable experience.

3. Emotional and Aesthetic Advantage

Some women find that undergoing a period without two whole breasts makes them feel less feminine, less in control of their bodies and less emotionally able to move on from their illness. By bypassing this period with immediate reconstruction, women can focus on healing from the trauma of losing a breast. The aesthetic aspect of having two breasts can allow you to feel more confident in public and private, and feel whole following your mastectomy.