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Immediate vs. Delayed Reconstruction

When breast reconstruction is performed at the same time as your mastectomy or lumpectomy, it is known as “immediate” reconstruction. Breast reconstruction that is performed weeks, months, or even years later is known as “delayed” reconstruction. In most cases, you will have a choice as to whether you want an immediate or delayed reconstruction procedure.

Many factors are involved in the timing of your breast reconstruction, including the stage, size and location of you tumor, your overall medical condition, the need for radiation following surgery, and your personal preference.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you are deciding on having either immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, we can help. contact us online or call 949-759-0980 for more information and to learn why you should travel to Southern California for expert breast cancer.

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It’s worth traveling for better breast cancer care. Dr. Savalia is a nationally recognized speaker on oncoplastic techniques and he can help you achieve a more satisfying result.

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

More and more women are choosing to have breast reconstruction immediately after their breast cancer surgery. The idea of having a combined surgery is appealing to many women.  It minimizes the feeling of loss after mastectomy, since the reconstruction will be started immediately, rather than having to schedule a secondary procedure months later.

A significant advantage of immediate breast reconstruction is the probability of a better cosmetic result, particularly for women who have oncoplastic breast reconstruction. When performing an immediate reconstruction, I work closely with the entire cancer care team to plan for the final cosmetic result.

Some women considering immediate breast reconstruction are concerned that the reconstruction may interfere with the ability to detect breast cancer recurrence. Immediate breast reconstruction has not been shown to delay the detection of local cancer recurrence, and immediate reconstruction is widely regarded as an acceptable treatment option for the right candidates.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Some women are encouraged by their doctors, or choose on their own, to delay reconstruction until after they have healed from their cancer surgery. The main advantage to such an approach is that it allows for additional cancer therapy, such as radiation, without compromising the effects of the treatment or the aesthetics of the reconstruction. Delayed reconstruction also may give a woman more time to consider her breast reconstruction options, or whether she wants to have reconstruction at all.

However, delayed reconstruction can be challenging for the plastic surgeon and patient for several reasons. First, scarring on the breast or chest wall can be difficult to remove or reconstruct once it develops. This may mean additional surgery and recovery time. In addition, the quality of cosmetic results with a delayed reconstruction is generally lower than the results that can be achieved in immediate reconstruction procedures.  Certainly, there are exceptions to this, but there is little disagreement over the aesthetic advantages of immediate breast reconstruction.

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More Information

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