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How to Preserve Your Natural Breast Shape after a Lumpectomy

As modern treatments of breast cancer become increasingly focused on conservation of as much natural breast tissue as possible, more women than ever now opt for a lumpectomy when available as an option in treating their illness. In my practice, I focus on anĀ oncoplastic approach to breast reconstruction, which combines a full and effective cancer treatment with plastic surgery techniques to produce superior cosmetic results.

Lumpectomy and Breast Contours

Women who undergo a lumpectomy typically start with radiation sessions to shrink the tumor down to a size that can be effectively removed from the breast. While a lumpectomy can be an excellent method of saving as much of the breast as possible, many women fear that their breasts will be permanently indented or deformed by the tumor removal.

However, by working with a comprehensive team of medical professionals, I am frequently able to restore beautiful breast contours with oncoplastic surgery following a lumpectomy. After the tumor is fully removed, I take an aesthetic approach to repairing the affected breast(s), which can involve reshaping tissue, tightening breast skin or using augmentation techniques. Each time the procedure is performed, my approach is tailored to the specific needs of the patient. My medical team maintains a focus on excising the tumor fully for minimal chance of recurrence without compromising the aesthetic result.

By focusing on preserving breast shape after a lumpectomy, many women find that their results are as natural looking as their pre-operational state, allowing breast cancer survivors to move forward from their illness with confidence and a positive attitude.