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How You Can Enjoy More Natural-Looking Breast Reconstruction Results

Studio shot of a beautiful woman isolated on whiteWhen thinking about breast reconstruction, the number one concern for the majority of my patients is how real their reconstructed breast will feel and look. Today’s advanced surgical techniques and superior breast implants mean better breast reconstruction results than ever, but here are a few ways that you can ensure a more natural-looking reconstructed breast.

Better Breast Implants for Reconstruction

For women undergoing implant-based reconstruction, form-stable silicone gel implants (commonly nicknamed “gummy bear” implants) offer a final result that’s incredibly similar to the texture of natural breast tissue. Using gummy bear implants for reconstruction also means eliminating the risk of visible ripples or wrinkles in the implant after surgery, because the implants are semi-solid just like the gummy candies that they’re named after.

Opting for Oncoplastic Surgery

As an alternative to mastectomy, treating breast cancer with a lumpectomy in order to preserve as much breast tissue as possible has become an increasingly popular choice for treatment. During oncoplastic surgery, I can combine the lumpectomy procedure with reconstruction, reshaping the breast at the same time that cancer is removed for a beautiful and completely natural final contour.

Seek Out Surgical Skill

The number one factor in ensuring the best breast reconstruction results is choosing the right surgeon, looking not only at the aspect of cosmetic results, but also working with a plastic surgeon who coordinates well with your cancer treatment team. Whether you need implant-based reconstruction or a lumpectomy combined with plastic surgery, reconstructive breast surgery is a highly complex procedure that requires a skilled hand and keeps both health and aesthetics as top priorities for your care.