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The Benefits of Coordinating Cancer Treatments with Reconstructive Surgery

Woman covering breastBreast cancer treatment and reconstructive breast surgery are often viewed as two completely separate entities. However, effectively coordinating these two essential aspects of your health and recovery can mean better breast reconstruction results along with a less stressful experience overall. I find that when reconstruction is already planned out before proceeding with a mastectomy or lumpectomy, the cancer surgery can be performed in a way that’s more complementary to final reconstruction results.

Understanding Oncoplastic Surgery

The theory and practice that lie behind this modern philosophy toward cancer treatment is known as oncoplastic breast reconstruction. During oncoplastic surgery, I perform reconstructive breast surgery at the same time as cancer treatment in a way that ensures both optimum healthcare and superior reconstruction results.

Regular oncologists may recommend against a lumpectomy due to the potential for irregular breast contours following treatment, while breast reconstruction surgeons understand that the breast can be reshaped at the time of the lumpectomy using the right surgical skills and techniques. By combining lumpectomy with reconstruction, my patients can feel confident knowing that their health concerns are effectively treated while preserving as much natural breast tissue as possible.

A Better Treatment for Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean having to live with permanently scarred or abnormal-looking breasts, nor should a mastectomy be considered mandatory when faced with breast cancer. In the right candidates, oncoplastic surgery provides an alternative to a traditional lumpectomy or mastectomy that maintains concerns over the final appearance of your breast as a high priority, without compromising your health.