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Patient Stories

Penny's Story

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

"He was very careful. He was very conscientious. I'm really grateful for that–he got me through that process..."

Kari's Story

"I came to Dr. Savalia's office and every body was so nice and helpful, and he asked me what my goals were after I have the surgery..."

Christina's Story

"In all aspects he took care of me – emotionally, physically – it was very smooth. Not only do I feel good, but I know I'm safe..."

Merrilee's Story

"Really, I think I've turned lemons into lemonade in that years ago when I was diagnosed I didn't know what it would look or feel like, but I know now that I am stronger and am a very strong advocate to be out there to help other women and people know that they can get through this..."

Jeannie's Story

"When you get that diagnosis that it’s breast cancer, suddenly your world changes. The cancer has to come out, so that’s surgery. And when that happens, they give you a reference to a plastic surgeon. I was the kind of person who thought I needed to interview two or three people. But after my breast surgeon recommended Dr. Savalia, I knew he was it. He’s the one who’s put me back together and allowed me to have the self confidence to know that I’m not going to look weird and I’m going to be healthy."

Laura's Story

"When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer and require breast reconstruction, you have to learn a lot of information in very little time. Dr. Savalia through it all was so kind and compassionate. Since I was feeling tired, old and sad, I also asked if he could do some other procedures. I came out of it all with my brand new breasts and very well rested, nice bright eyes. I was very happy! I feel like I look like me…but a little better than me."

Mindy's Story

"I came to Dr. Savalia because I had breast cancer. I needed to have a double mastectomy. I was afraid that I was hoping for the impossible. When I met Dr. Savalia…I knew that he was my doctor. He was generous, kind and very professional. After getting through the cancer surgery, I stayed for other treatments and I’m constantly getting complimented about my results."

Get in Touch with the Save Your Breast Team

If you have questions about breast reconstruction, my staff and I are happy to help. By working with a team of Southern California's most experienced breast reconstruction surgeons, radiologists, and nurses, we are able to provide women with the best possible options for one of the most life-changing and rewarding surgeries. Please contact us online or call (949) 759-0980 for more information.

Dr. Nirav Savalia


Dr. Savalia is known for the most innovative, advanced breast reconstruction techniques. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and artist who creates the most natural, elegant, personalized aesthetic results. He is as renown for his care and compassion as he is for extraordinary outcomes. This is why he was named one of Orange County’s Physicians of Excellence by his peers.

A Team Approach for the Best Breast Care Possible

Dr. Savalia’s Breast Health Center team includes the finest oncologists, radiation specialists, geneticists, and nurse navigators. Being cared for by an established team is a great advantage for patients.

"I prefer a light-handed approach that leaves my patients looking visibly rejuvenated, not surgically enhanced."

What Dr. Savalia's Patients Are Saying


Dr. Savalia is a very gifted surgeon and has true artistic ability. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Savalia for any type of plastic surgery. He truly exceeded my expectations. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him and his team and if I ever have any need for a plastic surgeon in the future he will be my first choice.

- RIMA, AGE 55

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